Join Karen Miller for ‘The Miller Tells Her Tale’, a weekly two hour Americana show produced in Glasgow, Scotland. Karen has stated in interview… ‘The reason I started ‘The Miller Tells Her Tale’ was to support all the wonderful independent artists whose music doesn’t get the on-air exposure I believe it deserves’. Karen features new artists and incredible songwriters and bands who’ve made a massive impact on the Americana scene. A rich tapestry of tracks are showcased each and every Saturday. Expect to hear songs from people like Jason Isbell, Lowri Evans, Orphan Colours, Emily Herring, John Prine, Romantica and Kesia Nagata. Karen’s love for music and presenting is to the fore on this wonderful program. Catch Karen every Saturday night from 10pm. 


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Karen Miller hosts 2 hours of superb Americana music from the States, Canada, UK and more... See the 'Show's page to learn more.