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'Mystery Train Radio' depends on the kindness of supporters and listeners to help build its core audience.

Your donation helps support the music you love too.


If you wish to make a donation today, please click the Paypal link below. You can donate via a Paypal account or with all known debit/credit cards. Thank you in advance. We really appreciate your support!




'Mystery Train Radio' is largely listener-supported and relies on donations and sponsorship deals to fund the website and the music it streams. If you enjoy the content and music we share and wish to help us, please consider supporting the station by donating via Paypal. See the 'Donate' button above. 


Instead of a one-off donation, you can set up an automatic monthly payment via our Paypal account in order to give regular sums. This greatly helps 'Mystery Train Radio' forward plan. At the moment we are looking to increase our server capacity and upgrade some of the station's software & playout systems. 


Consider a donation to get on the footplate or even drive this train! Perhaps you're considering a large donation? Donate £100 or more and we can (if you wish) arrange to record an hour-long program with music of your choosing to air on 'Mystery Train Radio'! If you have questions about this, please write to 


''In these uncertain times ‘Mystery Train Radio’ is sad to see so many music venues, bars and cafes closing their doors for the foreseeable future. A large section of music played on ‘Mystery Train Radio’ is from artist's directly affected by such closures. This radio station – largely listener-supported is not immune from the challenges Covid 19 poses too and though we will do our very best to keep the wheels on track, we would ask if you enjoy the music played and the variety of shows we air, please consider giving us a donation to put towards the licence fees that not only keep ‘Mystery Train Radio’ rolling, but through ‘PRS’ or the ‘Performing Rights Society’ go back to the artists we play and love. To donate to the station please visit where information about donating and our PayPal link can be found. Thank you in advance... and a huge thank you for listening to ‘Mystery Train Radio’ today… Enjoy the music and stay safe''.

Thank you for supporting us and spreading the word! Choo Choo!