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The MT Radio Jukebox :-

Do YOU wish to listen to a favorite song or artist today?

Why not get involved!?!?

If you want to hear a specific track from our 'MT Radio Jukebox' played on-air, all you need to do is search an artist or song in our player below, confirm your request (by pressing the tick sign) and we'll then let you know if we can air it! If so, you're likely to hear YOUR choice played on 'Mystery Train Radio' within 30 minutes of asking* & often a lot sooner!

*Please note on occasion your selection(s) may take longer than 30 minutes to be broadcast, this depends on the number of listeners requesting a song (or songs) at any one time.  The 'MT Radio Jukebox' contains a selection of titles from some of the artists we love to feature on 'Mystery Train Radio'. 

Our BETA Jukebox is being developed/tested and will currently operate from 9am to 6pm Monday to Friday and over the same hours Saturday & Sunday when 'non-specialist' shows are broadcast (specialist shows are currently aired Saturday and Sunday from 11am till 12 noon).

You can currently choose 1 song an hour (a maximum of 6 songs per day).

Please kindly consider a donation if using this facility, as this would greatly assist us to pay ongoing licence fees. See information about donating on our 'Make A Donation' page 🙂.