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About :-

Hello and welcome to the ‘Mystery Train Radio’ website!

People have asked about the station name. Is it called ‘Mystery Train Radio’ because some of the oldest blues recordings mention ‘trains’? Perhaps it’s named after the Junior Parker song Elvis Presley covered so brilliantly? Or perhaps it’s down to family history (Station owner Alex being related to MP for Liverpool William Huskisson. William being the first person to be killed by a train). 

All these lines of inquiry are valid, however the answer supplied will always be the same… ‘It’s a mystery’!

This radio station will focus on singer-songwriters, bands and music makers local, national and international. The stations ethos is to feature artists new and old, superb music from different genres. Live music and interviews will be incorporated. This radio station loves to feature tracks from artists making music in Gloucestershire (where the station is based) and beyond! 

Tune in to hear an eclectic mix of hand-picked music from established artists rubbing shoulders with songwriters, bands and music makers less well known, but equally special! A collision of sound you won’t hear any where else. Keep an ear out for live programs and special playlists of music 24/7! 

All the presenters on 'Mystery Train Radio' love music with a passion and this will be evident as soon as you hear the shows they produce.

See the 'Schedule' section of this site to discover more!

Happy listening and remember to…